17 April 2012

New Web Site


New web site will be up and running by the weekend.

VeganKaren.com for all things vegan.

Your one stop vegan shop!


Okay, the new web site is up and running.
This blog will stay here. You will be able to get great Vegan info here and updates on health and wellness.
You will not, however, get free recipes anymore. :(
They are available on the web site now.


I will take the "leg work" out of going vegan for you.

There are 28 Day Menu plans available and 7 day detox plans available as well.

I will even send you a juicer if you buy the 7 day detox plus!

So fret not, movie reviews will still be seen here.
Cycling info and fitness in general and all things vegan (sans the actual recipes)

See you at vegankaren.com!

15 April 2012

This blog is moving.

www.vegankaren.com will be up and running shortly.
Please enjoy all the blog posts you have come to expect plus MUCH MUCH more on the new blog.
See you there!

11 April 2012

Snowing....Coffee...Orioles....Biggest Loser...pizza and pancakes.

Waking up this morning, I came downstairs to look out the window and see snow flying all over.
I was hoping it was the lovely white flowers from the tree in the garden, however, it was snow.
It's April.
I have seedlings sprouting on the back porch.
I want to plant stuff!!!!!!!!!
We had 80 degree days in MARCH! Now it's mid April and snow is flying.

Now, I live in an area that DOES get snow late in the season but after having such a mild winter, I am ready to start planting.
I want to work the soil and plant tomoatoes and lettuce and carrots and peppers. (Oh my)
The snow didn't fly for long, but it did fly.
The cats went out and promptly came back inside.
We have the gas fire going.
I wore shorts in March! Now I am wearing sweats!

Okay, I know, stop complaining, I can't do anything about the weather.

Have you tried Green Mountain Dark Magic coffee? We recently got a K-Cup coffee maker at work and I have tried the Dark Magic, regular and decaf and they are GREAT!
I love the K-Cup idea. I don't want one for the house, since I think it's too expensive for home use but for work it's perfect.
Work is a movie theater and of course, like in most theaters things cost a little more, but the coffee price is $2 a cup (10oz) but the best thing of all that I have found, with the K-Cups you can go as small as 4 oz or as large as 12 oz. Sooooooooo, I buy a cup of coffee at the $2 price. BUT, I make sure I buy it after all the customers have gone into the movies, so that I can brew my cup at 6 oz, that leaves me room for Soy Very Vanilla milk, AND when I drink that, since I haven't removed the K-Cup from the coffee maker, I run another 6 oz through the cup. TA DA! It's like getting a 12 oz cup of coffee, but I get to take my time and it's all warm! LOL!

How 'bout dem O's?
They are doing really well this season. Yay! That epic game with the Yankees last night was something! I am holding out the GREAT HOPE for this season. I think this will be the one!

When will the Biggest Loser (a show I used to watch all the time but have stopped watching with the exception of the last two shows since Michelle Obama was on it) stop letting meat industries sponsor the show and tell the contestants the truth about meat and dairy?
I am guessing that will never happen.
People need to be educated about what meat and dairy actually DO to your body. Then maybe we will see REAL healthy people coming off that show.
The weight loss would be HUGE without meat and dairy consumption.

We had pizzas again last night. This time I made the "no cheese" sauce for one and thai sauce for the other. Topped them with orange bell peppers, portabella mushrooms, spinach, corn, tofu, pineapple and the crust was made from whole wheat and buckwheat. They were awesome!!!!!!!

Buckwheat pancakes this morning with banana and walnuts (and a couple pecans, as I had a few left.) Also Very Yummy!!!

Good food for cold April days.
Ugh, I want to PLANT THINGS!!!!!!!!!

05 April 2012

Woody Allen and me...

Woody Allen and I have had quite a tumultuous affair over the years.
His sense of humor has dazzled me and sent me into fits of hysterics. Then sometimes I was bored so senseless that watching paint dry would have been preferable.
Manhatten Murder Mystery - LOVED IT!
Annie Hall - uh no thanks.
Sleeper - great!
Love and Death, Zelig, Radio Days - J'Adore!
Manhattan, Everyone Says I Love You and Mighty Aphrodite - BLECH! I never want to see them again.
But now..., this strange moment in time, this exact place in space, where my thoughts and Allan Stewart Konigsberg's thoughts intermingled for a blissful 94 minutes.
Midnight in Paris.
Ebert liked it with 3 1/2 stars.
Peter Travers gave it the same.
Pete Hammond of Box Office Magazine gives it 4.5 stars!
Rotten Tomatoes gives it a 93%, not so rotten.

I give it a 10 out of 10.

I was completely and utterly blown away.
And not for the reasons that everyone else was.
Yes, it was a "Valentine to Paris..." and it was a "daydream of American Lit majors."
It was also the most fleshed out story about someone who thinks "if only I lived THEN!"
I have been guilty of this most of my adult life... whether that time be a time of the past or possibly a time of the future (Thank you Douglas Adams for sending me in that direction!)
Midnight in Paris is superb in every respect.
Owen Wilson, whom I usually disdain, was perfectly fine in this lead role. I didn't have to so much become invested in him and his ideas since this IDEA was not foreign to me in the least, quite the contrary. This idea of living in another time, via a portal of sorts, is a lover to me.
I can remember the very first time travel movie that started this intrigue, or should I say obsession.
Planet of the Apes. The sight of the Statue of Liberty's head still gives me goosebumps.
I remember each movie or story that sparked the tiny ember that turned into a towering inferno in my brain.
Time After Time
A Christmas Carol (the book)
Somewhere in Time
Dr. Who
The Final Countdown
Time Bandits
Quantum Leap
The Time Machine (Books and Movie)
Back to the Future
Slaughter House 5
Peggy Sue Got Married (where she was going to CHANGE things!)
Even Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban
This list can go on and on!
Of course The Restaurant at the End of the Universe allowed me to view time travel in a completely different light.
But my own ideas about being able to slip away and live two lives, one in the present and one in the years that I prefered (and yes, like Woody I have dreamed of the 20's but mostly I lived my fantasy in the 40's.)
This movie sang to me. A loud and playful song about dreams, desires and reality.
This movie didn't preach to me, it prodded me in the right direction.
I highly recommend this movie, as I feel it will be something different each of us.
And for anyone who had their bag packed with spare clothes and a towel (because you really have to know where your towel is!) should see this film.